Sponsorship Options

Event Sponsors

 NADOG events are always free for qualified members thanks to our sponsors.

Your flat fee sponsorship includes:

  • Entry to the event
  • Face-to-face connections with NADOG members
  • Introductions at the event and a "lightning pitch" to the group
  • Logo placement on the registration page and the website
  • Option to bring materials, banners, swag etc.


Host Sponsors

 As a NADOG host sponsor, you do not pay a sponsorship fee. 

You provide the venue and refreshments, and NADOG brings the event to you (additional sponsors will participate).  

The venue can be your HQ or local office, restaurant/brewery, hotel conference room, etc.  

Some of our past host sponsors: Microsoft, Uber, Austin Fraser, ServiceNow, and more.

Contact NADOG for requirements and availability:


Host Sponsor Opportunities

Annual Sponsors

Commit to 50 or more events in 12 months for a reduced per-event fee

Additional opportunities to connect with group members

Your events promoted in the NADOG newsletter

Prominent logo placement at www.nadevops.com


More options to provide speakers or content in every city

Contribute  stories, articles, blogs, etc. to the NADOG monthly newsletter

Contact nadog@nadevops.com for more details

Event Details

  •  We try to gather quarterly in each city.
  • Agendas generally last two hours and include a guest speaker, open/moderated discussion, and networking.
  • Attendance ranges between 30-70 members (and growing).
  • Membership demographics are approximately 2/3 practitioners and 1/3 Director and above.
  • Custom events are also available (executive, large format, etc.).

Contact NADOG for more details:


NADOG Sponsors